Bandai Keroro Spirits: Sgt. Frog - Tamamarobo UC


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Bandai Keroro Spirits: Sgt. Frog - Tamamarobo UC

  KERORO SPIRITS is an all new action figure series intended for discriminating collectors, dedicated to bringing the latest and greatest toymaking technologies to a series long beloved by fans: Sgt. Frog! Cutting-edge CAD techniques plus the talented eyes of veteran craftspeople combine to create this feature-filled line of classic characters. TAMAMAROBO UC includes a broad range of weapons and accessories that can be combined for fun display possibilities. The flying saucer can be detached from the larger mecha.

 The set includes:

・TAMAMAROBO UC, a Tamama figure

・Flying saucer

・Beam rifle

・Armor TS, Armor TN, Missile pods (x2)


・rear slaster unit

・Fin antenna
・Basic connector joints (x2)