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1:12 Action Figure: Mortal Kombat - Reptile

Storm Collectibles presents their next Mortal Kombat release - Reptile. Reptile comes from a realm once known as Zaterra which was mysteriously destroyed ages ago. He is the last of the Reptor race. Shao Kahn has enlisted Reptile into his forces and makes use of his stealth and skills as a spy for his army. Reptile's famous special attack are Acid Spit and the Force Ball. 

Product features: 

Approximately 7" tall

Based on the Mortal Combat video game

2 x Interchangeable Mask 

8 x Interchangeable Palms 

1 x Interchangeable Retile Head Sculpt 

2 x Acid Liquid Effect

Force Ball Effect 

A Reptile Tongue

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