Coin Ride - Monsters Inc - Mike & Sully - Ds-037 6 in Statue


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Coin Ride - Monsters Inc - Mike & Sully - Ds-037 6 in Statue 

  All aboard Disney's fun coin-operated scooters; anyone up for a ride? Disney movies often feature fast and fun escapades with some cool rides such as the spaceship from Lilo And Stitch. It isn't a coincidence then that this time we find Stitch and Monsters Inc. accompanied by Bunny & Ducky from Toy Story 4 riding some sweet coin-operated scooters. What kind of mayhem will they all get up to? Stitch, wearing some seriously oversized sunglasses, rides a cool retro scooter with a surfboard attached, an ice cream in his hand. Bunny & Ducky are also looking to be on a quest for fun, riding a scooter designed like a theme park shooting gallery. Finally, he oversized furry monster Sulley is accompanied by his best friend, Big-Eyes Mike on a ride of a lifetime. 

  All of designs feature a base with their respective movie titles printed in bold, a great attention to detail and some fun Easter-eggs. Can you find them all?