Bandai Mecha Collection: New Cyclone "Kamen Rider"

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Bandai Mecha Collection:  New Cyclone "Kamen Rider"

The legendary machine that appear in Episode 68 of "Kamen Rider", the "New Cyclone", is now a part of the popular Mecha Collection series! This miniature model kit is small enough that it can fit neatly in the palm of your hand. Don't let it's small size fool you - this model kit has been meticulously detailed! Recreate Kamen Rider's heroic actions from various scenes of the show! Each kit comes with a single-color molded Kamen Rider that can sit atop the New Cycle.

Set includes:

Oone single-color molded Kamen Rider figure

3 Runners

1 Sticker sheet

Instructions printed on the back of the box.

Product size: Approx 2"
Package size: Approx 6.1x3.3x1.5 in

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