Bandai Meisho Manga Realization - Marvel - Onmitsu Black Spiderman


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Bandai Meisho Manga Realization - Onmitsu Black Spiderman

  The hit Meisho MANGA series from TAMASHII NATIONS brings you Onmitsu Black Spider-Man! Leave it to top sculptor and designer Takeya Takeyuki to take Black Spider-Man back to Feudal Japan in full, web-like ninja design. True to the feudal spirit, Onmitsu Black Spider-Man’s ninja kaginawa-style grappling web hook is crafted as chain-like firing mechanism.

  Set includes:

Interchangeable hands (x4), Japanese katana set, and kaginawa web hook set.

Product size: Approx 7.5"
Package size: Approx 7.1x10.2x2.4 in

This is a pre-order scheduled for release in November 2018.  Item will ship once we get them in our warehouse.  Any questions just ask.

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