Doomsday Donald Pin

Special Ed Toys


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Doomsday Donald Pin

1.75" Hard Enamel Pin

  Inspired by one of the greatest things to ever come out of America and by one of the worst things to have ever been shat out by another human being in America, we bring you "Doomsday Donald", the first in a series of "Garbage Presidential Kandidates"! This mash up of the iconic "Adam Bomb" character by Garbage Pail Kids and real life's moronic "Donald Trump" character is a fun wearable way of showing your friends and family exactly how you feel about stubby hands Trump! This terrible collaboration between pin artist Allways Holdn and bootleg "artist" Special Ed Toys comes as a 1.75" hard enamel pin, mounted on a baseball card sized backer featuring artwork of apocalyptic implications! So go ahead and push the button on this pin and show Trump and his supporters that although you may not have "the best words", you do in fact have the best pin!

*the purchasing of this item may lead to immediate buyers remorse and the act of kicking rocks
*designed in 'Merica
*made somewhere in China (just like everything else you own)
*quality sold separately