Funko Animation Pop - Dragon Ball Z - Gohan (Training Outfit) - Pre-Order


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Funko Animation Pop - Dragon Ball Z - Gohan (Training Outfit)

“I’m my father’s SOOOOOOOONNNNNN!”

  To celebrate the highly popular Japanese anime television show Dragon Ball Z, Funko is releasing a series of vinyl Pop! Animation figures honoring
Goku and his companions’ epic battle in defense of Earth.

  In the latest Dragon Ball Z-themed series, meet and collect best friends
and martial artists Chiaotzu and Tien; pick up a Pop! of Goku’s eldest son,
Gohan dressed in his training outfit; up your martial arts game with a Pop! of Master Roshi wielding his staff and meet and collect gadget master Bulma in all her Pop! Vinyl glory.

This is a pre-order scheduled for release in the Summer of 2018.  Item will ship once we get them in our warehouse.  Any questions just ask.

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