Ooze-Trooper Pin

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Ooze-Trooper Pin

1.75" Soft Enamel Pin

You're a little slimy for a stormtrooper... Well, the Empire was on it's heals and had to make some tough choices. One of those bad decisions was the Ooze-Trooper. Don't get me wrong, they were great soldiers. The problem was the slime. They would leave this trail of ooze everywhere they went. The Death Star was covered in the stuff! If Vader hadn't slipped on some ooze himself they may still be out there fighting. Now we only know of a few Ooze-Troopers that were able to get off the Death Star before it's final demise. These troopers are out there... likely covered in ooze!

Each 1.75" sized pin is made of soft enamel and black metal with two rubber rear post protectors. The pin comes affixed to a backer card that resembles the original Ooze-It toy from the '70s. A limited supply of these pins were made. Once gone, they may not be restocked.

Character appearing in this work is likely fictitious. Any resemblance to a anything trademarked or copyrighted is purely coincidental. Really!