SEN-TI-NEL Tatsunoko Heroes Fighting Gear - Infini-T Force - Polimar Fighter Gear Ver.


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SEN-TI-NEL Tatsunoko Heroes Fighting Gear:

Infini-T Force - Polimar Fighter Gear Ver.

'Polimar... Hiding the true identity and putting himself in a detective office while cracking down villains on the street with the hammer of the righteous, this is "Polimar" style of fighting for justice.

Beyond space and time, four heroes who fought for peace gather in the modern era. The new battle of legendary heroes has begun.

"Polimar" FIGHTING GEAR ver. is produced at the same time when "Infini-T Force" anime is broadcasted.

Despite simple articulations, his signature poses in the animation can be presented. The figure stands approximately 18cm and consists of die-cast to give weightiness. LED is built in on the chest for light-up gimmick.

Product size: Approx 7.1"
Package size: Approx 4.7x3.1x9.1 in

This is a pre-order scheduled for release in February 2018.  Item will ship once we have it in stock.  Any questions just ask.