Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei - God Sigman Gravion - Sentinel Metamor-Force Bariation


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Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei - God Sigma Gravion - Sentinel Metamor-Force Bariation

  The latest item that is going to be released in METAMOR-FORCE  BARIATIO, the series featuring a full collaboration with Mr. Masami Obari, is the long-awaitedGod Sigma Gravion piloted by Sandman! The toy comes with combination gimmick allowing Gran Sigma to combine with the Grandivas to form God Sigma Gravion. Apart from various weapons, "Graviton Lancer" and "Divine Sword Balmung" for GranSigma are included. Clear parts and die-cast are generously used all over the body. It is possible to reproduce Sol Sigma GRAVION by combining Gran Sigman and METAMOR-FORCE  BARIATION  Super Heavy God Gravion Zwei Sol Gravion (sold separately). Moreover, Shake-hand part is included so that you can reproduce the famous scene of Sol Sigma GRAVION and God Gravion shaking hands. Sentinel's GOD Sigma GRAVION filled with love from Sandman, is finally completed!